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Sue and her Journey- Part 2

mature OldGeezer 2018-12-02

Tom always took a little blue tablet before our evenings together, so I knew he would stay hard and want to fuck again, and this time he bent me over his desk, and squirting some of the lube that he always kept in his desk drawer, he squeezed his fat long cock into my asshole, with no real foreplay. Again I moved the dildo to his asshole, and this time, as I continued to pump his cock in my hand, my thumb rubbing over his pee-hole as it seeped precum, he didn’t pull back, and slowly the big black rod started to enter him.

Sung Hee's New Job - Part Three

mature Zamm 2018-11-30

My nipples felt a jolt as the freezing fabric rubbed them as we walked to the car in the parking garage. In the elevator, Rick pressed me up against the back wall, reached into my shirt to fondle a nipple and kissed me desperately, his tongue probing as I imagined his cock wanted to at that moment. He leaned close and I could feel his breath on my face as he whispered, "I want to know that when my cock is inside of you, that you would much more cherish the thought of tasting my seed than feeling it shoot into your cunt. I was finally upright and Rick took my arm and walked me over to the bed.

Noah's Whore - Part 2

mature JefferyB 2018-11-29

Still holding her breasts, Nancy thought about what he wanted and decided that she rather liked the idea of him watching. Nancy began to moan softly as she felt the spongy head touch the inside of her mouth, driving deeper with each thrust. His hand slapped against her ass as he said, “Your mouth is good, baby, but I want that sweet pussy.” He led her back to the couch and bent her over the large padded armrest. Pulling his cock out of her, he held it in his hand as ropes of hot, white semen shot out of his manhood and began to cover her back and her perfect ass.

Sung Hee's New Job - Part 2

mature Zamm 2018-11-26

I opened the link and tried to focus on my breakfast as I watched a young Asian girl with tiny, perky tits bounce on the cock of a man lying on the deck of a yacht in the sun. When he hung up the phone, he turned to meet my eyes, "How do you like your new position, Sung Hee?" "Yes, Sir." I moved around his large desk and stood facing him in his turned chair. "I didn't think so." He stood up, hovering over me closely and whispered in my ear, "Did you like watching that woman be denied pleasure?" "Yes, Sir." I stood and walked back to my office, the desperate need to fuck Rick or someone still foremost in my thoughts.

Understanding Kate

mature DarkSide 2018-11-23

I watched, mesmerised, as Kate, virtually naked underneath the coat, behaved like a teenager exposing herself and flashing in public for the very first time. While Kate was drinking my spunk, two cars passed us and they pulled into the car park to pick up the people who had just left the pub. When she got fucked from behind, that night at my place, she loved every minute of it; yet the only words she said were those of denial; she kept saying that we shouldn’t have done it and that it was ‘naughty’. A few people looked around at us and Kate barely had time to grab her bag as we left the coffee shop.

Noah's Whore - Part 3

mature JefferyB 2018-11-22

“It’s very erotic.” She studied his face for a second before asking, “Are you going to fuck my mouth and make me swallow your cum?” “Oh my god,” she cried out, “I’m cumming again.” With eyes wide, she told him, “Fuck me, Noah. She’d watched plenty of men in her porn films fuck a woman’s mouth just prior to an orgasm and she was hoping Noah had the same idea. As if following a script, Noah put his hands into her hair and began thrusting his large cock in and out of her mouth. When he finally pulled his cock free of her lips, Nancy looked up at him, just as she had seen so many women do in the porn she had watched.

Noah's Whore - Part 1

mature JefferyB 2018-11-10

As she was stepping into his office, Nancy did what she had done every time she was near Noah Brady for all of the years they had worked together… she saw his brilliant blue eyes and white teeth exposed in a sincere smile. Before Noah could open his mouth to speak, Nancy asked, “Do you think I’m pretty?” I know that you have a lovely home and I’m guessing that you have a king sized bed that could hold both of us.” She paused briefly before saying, “I want to be a student at the Noah Brady School of sex. Opening her eyes, Nancy looked directly into his face and said, “I want you to fuck me.”

Mum's Friends Chapter Four

mature jack1107 2018-11-05

Mags gave Anji a kiss on the cheek and Paul a full passionate kiss with her tongue deep in Paul’s mouth then left. It read: “Hi guys, I have had a pleasant chat with Jill who fully understands what is happening with young Kay. Paul, you have to phone Gibson Air’s office at the Airport tomorrow at eleven thirty to confirm the details of the flight. Paul had noticed how Anji had been playing footsie under the table with his leg; he replied,”I would love that. Paul bent Anji over the sofa then went inside her pussy doggy style. Five minutes later Jane replied, ”I'm like Anji, the harder and rougher the better.

The Principal and me ...

mature LushPrincess 2018-10-30

In fact I know that half the females in my family don’t like me, and the reason; I’m young, hot and tight --- they’re old and loose. I’ve been having meetings on a regular basis with his parents, but to be honest with you I don’t think we’re getting through to him; and even though I believe he’s a good kid we can no longer accommodate him at this facility.” I stare at him, half listening. “Now, señorita don’t move, if you do you’ll be sorry” he spread my arms and gently set them down on his desk, then he spread my legs and began to caress my swollen vaginal lips.

Sung Hee – the Pool Party – Part 6

mature Zamm 2018-10-30

Carol, like Sung Hee and Yi-Mung, was also a Korean-American and lived not far away from Sung Hee. “I’m not a natural subbie, although it is interesting sometimes. How cool is that?!” Louise, Yi-mung and Sung Hee laughed nervously and looked at each other and at Carol. “Let me taste” Carol said, and Sung Hee felt Carol’s finger slide in again. Carol looked directly at Sung Hee and didn’t say anything, but her gaze said it all. Sung Hee pulled her hand out from beneath Yi-mung’s swimsuit and said, “Yi-mung is wet!” Sung Hee’s middle finger was shiny with Yi-mung’s juices. “You’re next, Carol” Sung Hee said with uncharacteristic boldness and got up off her knees and took the couple of steps to where Carol was standing.

My wife introduces me to submission and cuckoldry.

mature oldognewtrix 2018-08-29

Her friend laughed and said could she borrow me for a short while so that i could clean her house and to my surprise my wife looked at me and said yes of course you can borrow him how about tomorrow ? I was only joking her friend said, and my wife said, nonsense, it's just the sort of thing he enjoys doing and anyway i need to do something tomorrow and this will keep him busy. She wasn't embarrassed she said just a little surprised that's all and anyway you know that you like to clean don't you ? What did you think of Jeanie, she asked, i said that her friend seemed pleasant and was surprised that she was single.

Good gril

mature 2018-07-30

I want you to fully understand what it is like to be me; what it is like to be a Dom, what it means to be a Master, and in so doing best understand the power you and your submission have over me.” You are the feet of the man who brought you to this new life of submission and you think, perhaps for the first time, about the role he plays and the responsibility he carries in the course of your relationship with him. Then it dawns on you, the real paradox; that from within in a truly loving and caring D/s relationship there is no way to tell who is the master and who is the slave.

Short Shorts Ch. 03

mature Selena_Kitt 2018-04-14

Her eyes bright, Lindsey put her hands on her knees, bit her lip, and looked back over her shoulder, whispering, "I've been a very bad girl!" to the mirror. Her pussy was already wet and swollen in anticipation, and she parted her lips, rubbing her little clit with one finger as she watched the blonde try to take more of the cock in her ass. "Please, god, I can't!" The blonde on the screen moaned, but she lifted her ass in the air and spread wider as he thrust forward, the head of his cock slipping into her tight hole. She didn't look back, but she had the strong feeling that he was watching her ass wiggle in her shorts as she walked toward where Mr. Miller and Mr. Ryan were flanking the principal's office door.