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Lucky Night With Bubbly Aunty

mature bava12 2018-11-17

She asked for direction so I came back and told, again tried to search for pen drive this time I place my hand little closer and my head was just above her thighs and rubbing her thighs with hand she was shaking and I placed my lips on them brushed. As shower water is flowing over our bodies and we in hot session for some time now my hand moved to her triangle I was caressing over it slightly touching her pussy lips she started moaning like ahh aahhh I was doing it all slow as I got all night.

Shock mother-in-law proposition! (part 2)

mature marcusp1979 2018-09-24

Leaning over i pulled the shoulder straps of her chemise down and lowered the material just low enough to be able to get junes breasts out, as my cock filled her pussy my mouth surrounded her little breast, taking her half inch long nipple between my lips as i did so. Her wetness made a sopping sound on my crotch as she started grinding on my lap, i knew then it was only a matter of time before i flooded her hole with my cum, so leaning over i took her breast in my mouth and started licking and sucking as my other hand gently squeezed and fondled the other, finally with a deep gasp my body stiffened as i flooded her gaping pussy with my warm thick cum!

A Girls Sexual Growing Continues, by MarieL

mature 2018-09-23

He took them and without his eyes leaving mine he drew his tongue across the gusset, making me cringe with delight, 'You like my taste', I said as I climbed onto a plastic chair, turned and bared my ass and pussy to him before planking it down on the glass surface, 'Might be smudged as I am wet', I said, and he cam across to me and lifted my thigh high enough to place my ID card under it, then he reached up my thighs to my bum and pulled my cheeks open, 'We need to show just how wet you are', and at that pressed the button.

I Always Want Her

mature sidhuputt 2018-09-17

Back home, I kept thinking about what Ajay up to was ignoring a wife like Sangita I mean and she came very close to being a perfect wife – beautiful, voluptuous, dedicated, educated and very smart and open – what else does one need? I don’t know, and I regret it too I said I started playing with her inner thighs with my hands, and with her right boob with my tongue and teeth. You didn't get it when I said, you don’t know what you are missing” She winked, sat up a little bit, held my schlong and almost pulled it to her pussy.


mature 2018-09-16

She pushed me back and stripped her jeans and underwear off in pull revealing a full bush covered cunt nestled between two thick caramel thighs. As I was licking her wet slit I removed my shorts and let my thick 9" cock swing free between my thighs. She moaned and pulled my bald head deeper into her and I moved back enough to insert two fingers into her sopping wet hole. When she came down she pulled me between her thighs and guided me into her wet hole and I proceeded to long stroke her to two more loud wet orgasms her wet hairy pussy sucked my thick cock deep into her and milked me dry.

Return of the Indian Princess

mature goinstrong 2018-09-16

Discovering we had the pool area to ourselves, we slipped into the hot tub - she on one side, me on the other. I took a moment to wiggle the first digit of my finger at the opening of her pussy, and again she stiffened. It took but a moment for her hand to snake its way inside the suit and up to my cock. While the finger in the leg opening of her suit "stayed the course," my other hand slipped up to the bodice of her suit. Since the pool area was still open, we knew other hotel guests could walk in at any time. I stepped out of the hot tub first, grabbed a towel and reached for her hand.

The Review

mature Exakta66 2018-08-30

Heck, she was just an attractive, wealthy, experienced, impeccably dressed older woman with perfect thighs. I stopped to take in those thick thighs which seemed to be miles of silky, soft white flesh tapering into shapely calves which ended in perfect pedicured toes stuffed into designer heels. What would a rich, gorgeous, successful and super hot older woman with perfect thighs ever see in me? I held my engorged shaft in my right hand as I stood between her gorgeous creamy thighs and wet the tip in her delicate folds. As I began to stroke, her soft creamy thighs enveloped my body giving me a feeling of comfort I never wanted to end.

The Gala Dinner

mature billybull1 2018-08-26

I looked up at her smiling and taking my hand away then putting her panties to my nose and letting her see me fully inhale before saying ‘while you are out I am going to be enjoying these thinking of your wet pussy and getting so hard for later when you will have that wet pussy fucked so good’ Then I stood up pocketed the underwear and said right come on you can’t be late’ Her heeled legs up and across me as she swung around her flabby arse in view coming towards me as she lowered herself saying ‘I will do anything right now!’ I grabbed her pantyhose and ripped them a little more exposing her full arse as she swiftly took my whole cock deep into her gapping pussy as I held her cheeks apart watching it disappear as we moaned in unison.

An Older Woman - A young man lusts for an older wo

mature leroi7777 2018-08-23

Her daily routine became almost a study course for me and I was fascinated with her body, the soft movements within the light cotton fabric of her clothes, the ample swell of her breasts and the tantalising glimpses of bare breast as she leant over. She was aroused to a frantic state and pulled me to a corner thick with soft packing material and in moments my face was between her thighs, I had no time to recover from my orgasm, my legs still feeling weak as I lay down and sucked her pussy lips together squeezing her hard clitoris. Her juices flowed as she broke, her body convulsed and her thighs clamped my head as she wailed her orgasm, echoing in the empty warehouse.

Travel Titillation - Part II

mature goinstrong 2018-08-17

As our thighs touched, I engaged Dorothy in a bit more intimate conversation. I responde with, "Is that an offer?" Dorothy responded with, "If that's what you heard, that's what I said!" I suggested we spend a bit more time in the hot tub, then retire to her room - or mine. I gathered she was O.K. with more than sitting next to her, I gently rested my hand on the front of her mid-thigh. She not only did not pull away - she rested her hand on mine and slid it to her inner thigh. The panties she wore rose high on her hips, and they revealed small tufts of pubic hair projecting from the edges of the panty crotch.

Stories I like: The Pleasuring of a Granny

mature Pussy_Lick 2018-08-09

I eased myself gently in and out of her body for a while, the sensation of her tight rectal tunnel wall rubbing against my cock was mind blowing and I wanted the feeling to last for ever, but lust and inexperience took control and I began to fuck her as hard and fast, my hands were gripping her hips and pushing and pulling her off and onto my raging cock until at last I felt a surge of mounting pressure and I jetted a stream of spunk into her, now wide stretched, anus.

Flirty chemist assistant

mature maturemancock 2018-08-03

As she sighed she had her hand on my crotch rubbing my already solid erection, she said "I haven't got long", I pulled up her skirt and sat her on the edge of the table, parting her thighs I ran my fingers up her legs and onto the front of her panties, rubbing up and down her slit she gasped and groaned. After another ten minutes or so I pulled out and opening her legs pushed in again facing her, we kissed passionately, "Rub your clit" I ordered, as she put her hand down she was rubbing, "God I'm coming again" she said, I knew I was close but didn't want her to miss out on another orgasm, so I fucked her hard, as she yelled out I pumped my seed into her body, as she cried out again.

My Mature Curvy Fantasy

mature Oedipaljunkie 2018-07-30

The culmination of my fantasy was her sitting on my erect penis facing me, with her grey tight skirt around her waist displaying her light tan stockings and white suspenders and her thick thighs, her breasts were naked as her bra had been discarded earlier, and they hung down swaying as she moved. Yvonne reached down to her vulva through the mass of mixed grey and dark hair and gently opened her pussy lips to reveal a bl**d red sopping wet interior. I could see her bl**d red vagina gaping open, her clit, all hard and scarlet, her pubic hair, her soft ample belly and midriff and those beautiful pear shaped hanging tits and nipples.

My kinky wife

mature chandan0707 2018-07-11

Next, i asked my wife to place her hand on his thighs. Next I asked the same thing to my friend, to caress the thighs of my wife. He came a bit forward, placed his hand on my wife thighs and stared caressing it up and down. Then I asked my wife to remove her bra from inside the t-shirt and give it to my friend. Then I asked my wife to use her one hand and place it on his thighs. Again the same position, my wife was playing with his dick while my friend was enjoying her boob. While this was going on, I also caressed her thigh with my left hand and slowly inserted one finger in her pussy.

I lost my Virginity to my Grandfather.

mature Fridagirl 2018-07-06

I really was not thirsty, that was not the reason I stood here with my back to him, the drink of water was the excuse, my being here like I was was the the reason, to be alone with him, and do what we were about to do, was my reason for being here, and when he touched my shoulder, I jumped, it was happening, and I felt a gush between my thighs, I was wetting hard, and I let my head drop forward, as a deep sigh escaped from my body, the feel of his cock barely touching my bared ass, made me groan louder, if ever a sound from a girl told a man what she wanted, it was that groan I made that night, as my Grandfathers slid his cock inside me, and fucked me, like he did my mother, his daughter, all those years ago.

Step Mothers perversion Part II

mature ORGASMSrfun 2018-07-03

My fathers cock was wide but appeared to be at least a few inches shorter than myself based on what I remember seeing of him years earlier when I walked in on him in the bathroom. The sounds of water pouring into the tub were much louder now and only a 180 degree turn was between me and mirrored closet doors which I could use to see the entire length of the bathroom. As she lowered herself into the soapy water I found myself stroking my young hard cock with the soft cotton material that kept myself in a sexual trance. The muscles in my arm, back and thighs tensed up as my soft hand slid across the hardened tip of my cock...wishing it to be buried deep in this woman's cunt.

Newcastle and the age of consent

mature 2018-06-29

I was building for my release when I felt the heat, I knew I had only moments before his cock started to subside into a flacid position and the humping motion which had now stopped, suddenly turned into a frantic gripping and relaxing motion as I tried to keep the full feeling of him inside me. When my release came I was left wanting and felt a tad disapointed with overall power of it but there would be more options in time to come as I realised this was the beginning of something I knew that was going to happen again and again, now he knew I was really a dirty little girl with a serious sex drive

Chinese Take-Out 2: Reuploaded

mature anon8101 2018-06-17

She poked my belly when she saw I was sucking it in, but as soon as she looked back at my face, she told me how nice it was to have a man with a little belly on him. Working my thighs and calves for a few moments, I was a little worried my just-then soft cock would spring up and poke her in the eye! That gave her some energy back, she grabbed my head and f***ed me tighter to her face as she sucked my tongue like a small cock. Really, just my head had gone in, but I guess that was a bit much for dear Li. After a few moments, she nodded to me, and I slowly fucked into her, each in-thrust going a little deeper.

Constantly Aroused Conditions

mature 2018-06-10

Tongue Tracing the crest of your thighs.. Easing open your moist lips with just the tip of my tongue.. Hands slidng down to grip your ass, lips locked around the source of ya nectar.. Lips consisently nuzzling, pressing, engulfing, humming against your pearl.. My hands gripping your ass though, make sure the position your holding.. Let my Hands roam along your curves until I'm lighlty gripping your Face.. Trace my tongue across these lips.. Firmly but Gently holding your head..I trace the outline of your lips, your tongue flicking out at the engorged head.. My strong black dick curving slowly into the heat of your mouth.. Anything to keep the pleasure your giving from prevailing..

Her thanksgiving Memory

mature kap007 2018-06-05

The older s****r now sat on the couch, holding herself up on her hands as she gripped the sofa cushions and lashed her short, thick legs out, jackknifing them hard and snapping the calf scissors on Aunt Barbara's punished neck. Aunt Linda and Aunt Barbara attacked me slowly, wetly, sensually, licking up the sides of my neck and down to my nipples, sucking and chewing them hard while each used their hands to rub my thighs and cock. Incredibly, though I'd just come moments before, I felt another orgasm building in my young balls, especially so when I saw Aunt Linda kneel before her s****r and attach her mouth to Aunt Barbara's beautiful big bush, parting the thick, sweat-matted hair and tonguing her fat clit until my aunt came with a slap of thigh around her s****r's face.


mature 2018-05-30

I had pulled my hand away when she came and glanced at my Dad. Now, I slipped my left hand back between her legs, pushed it right up and cupped her pussy, possessively. A few minutes later, while she was engrossed, I gently pulled her feet apart a little, pushed mine between and spread her legs wide, affording me a open view under her skirt. Looking down at her I said, "I'm going to fuck you again tomorrow, before Dad goes to work and again when I get home from school so don't wear any panties." I left her there and went upstairs to bed.

A Fantasy, Susan - My Dream Girl.

mature johnnuke 2018-05-29

As she recovers she reaches behind and unclips her bra, her breasts drop to her waist, as she stands they are again level with my face, again I suck her erect nipples and fuck her with my fingers, she is giggling with delight her hips gyrate against my hand with my fingers deep inside her, her heavy breasts swaying and slapping against my face, my cock is about to explode. As her orgasm subsides her grip relaxes her thighs widen, I can wait no longer, I take my weigh on my arms, my cock pushes against her cunt lips, they yield, the gorgeous moment of penetration, she is so wet I slip deep inside her, in and out, I watch her breasts sway, wobble and ripple with each thrust, I am mesmerised by the view, our eyes meet, she smiles and mouths filthy words, fuck me, fuck me .....................

The Hotel Rep

mature maturemancock 2018-05-25

When we reached her room she invited me inside, I walked in and she sat on the bed and asked me to sit next to her, I did and she placed her hand on the inside of my thigh and leaned in to kiss me, very soon we were snogging, I pushed her jacket off her shoulders as I kissed her neck, she said “It’s been a long time”, I could tell she was gagging for it. As I fucked her slowly then speeded up and then went slow again she tried to f***e me to go faster, after a few minutes I pulled out and she said “I’ll go on top”, I laid down on the bed and she heaved her 20 stone on top of me, bouncing up and down on my hard stick as her tits swung in my face, soon she shouted “I’m coming” as she bounced on me.

New Country...!

mature zacblck 2018-05-23

She look into my eyes in a deep assured way as she said "hello." We quickly finished the business-end of things and started on a bottle of Sparkling wine I had been saving! Surely enough, Carol went to ask me if I fancied seeing a more relaxed, perhaps slightly "dingy" side of the City that night! I glanced down her legs and at the black stiletto heals...thinking she couldn't see me - only to be caught out (making me feel very embarrassed) But Carol continued in her professional way. With that, her hand grabbed mine again...only this time she slightly spread her thighs whilst on the edge of the desk... Carol then guided my hand up her skirt and and slowly towards a very, very, wet shaven pussy.