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Lucky Night With Bubbly Aunty

mature bava12 2018-06-18

She asked for direction so I came back and told, again tried to search for pen drive this time I place my hand little closer and my head was just above her thighs and rubbing her thighs with hand she was shaking and I placed my lips on them brushed. As shower water is flowing over our bodies and we in hot session for some time now my hand moved to her triangle I was caressing over it slightly touching her pussy lips she started moaning like ahh aahhh I was doing it all slow as I got all night.

Knee trouble

mature billybull1 2018-05-16

Always wore tight black leggings and I liked to look at her arse and hot thighs not to mention a nice pair of tits. Then she said she was getting a lot of knee pain and knowing I knew a little about fitness asked what it was. I asked her about anywhere else she needed me to look at hoping she'd open up by she said the back of her thighs. Let me take a look i said knowing at least I could get my hands on her arse. I said she didn't need to use her fingers if she didn't want and I took my cock out.

The Antiques Weren't the Only Old Thing

mature Croozer 2018-05-07

She got up saying, "Oh...I have a piece which isn't on your list...could you add it?" I told it it would be noo problem, and she produced a painting of a buxom nude woman which looked like it should have hung in an art gallery in Rome. I set the painting down against the arm of the futon, and Thea said in a quiet tone, "Would you like to see me naked in real life?" I swallowed hard, and said, "Yes, I would very much." She smiled and began unbuttoning her dress, showing me she had a full black nylon slip under it, but as I thought, no bra.

Travel Titillation - Part II

mature goinstrong 2018-05-03

As our thighs touched, I engaged Dorothy in a bit more intimate conversation. I responde with, "Is that an offer?" Dorothy responded with, "If that's what you heard, that's what I said!" I suggested we spend a bit more time in the hot tub, then retire to her room - or mine. I gathered she was O.K. with more than sitting next to her, I gently rested my hand on the front of her mid-thigh. She not only did not pull away - she rested her hand on mine and slid it to her inner thigh. The panties she wore rose high on her hips, and they revealed small tufts of pubic hair projecting from the edges of the panty crotch.

Step Mothers perversion Part II

mature ORGASMSrfun 2018-05-01

My fathers cock was wide but appeared to be at least a few inches shorter than myself based on what I remember seeing of him years earlier when I walked in on him in the bathroom. The sounds of water pouring into the tub were much louder now and only a 180 degree turn was between me and mirrored closet doors which I could use to see the entire length of the bathroom. As she lowered herself into the soapy water I found myself stroking my young hard cock with the soft cotton material that kept myself in a sexual trance. The muscles in my arm, back and thighs tensed up as my soft hand slid across the hardened tip of my cock...wishing it to be buried deep in this woman's cunt.

Lingerie Salesman by loyalsock

mature loyalsock 2018-04-26

Zak eyed the doe eyed woman seated next to him, and she was right, she was a rather large person, but not to be deterred he offered, "I'm sure that I have something that is your size, just let me check my stock!!!" He rummaged around inside of his case for a minute, and after pulling out the largest pair of panties he could find, he handed to them to her hopefully and asked, "Do you think these might do the trick!?!" "Zak," she said softly, "I don't think so, but just to prove it to you, I'll give them a try," and then with his eyes nearly popping out of their sockets, she calmly stood up and slipped off her bathrobe, revealing an expanse of flesh that nearly took his breath away!!!

Stories I like: The Pleasuring of a Granny

mature Pussy_Lick 2018-04-23

I eased myself gently in and out of her body for a while, the sensation of her tight rectal tunnel wall rubbing against my cock was mind blowing and I wanted the feeling to last for ever, but lust and inexperience took control and I began to fuck her as hard and fast, my hands were gripping her hips and pushing and pulling her off and onto my raging cock until at last I felt a surge of mounting pressure and I jetted a stream of spunk into her, now wide stretched, anus.

Newcastle and the age of consent

mature 2018-04-23

I was building for my release when I felt the heat, I knew I had only moments before his cock started to subside into a flacid position and the humping motion which had now stopped, suddenly turned into a frantic gripping and relaxing motion as I tried to keep the full feeling of him inside me. When my release came I was left wanting and felt a tad disapointed with overall power of it but there would be more options in time to come as I realised this was the beginning of something I knew that was going to happen again and again, now he knew I was really a dirty little girl with a serious sex drive

A Girls Sexual Growing Continues, by MarieL

mature 2018-04-21

He took them and without his eyes leaving mine he drew his tongue across the gusset, making me cringe with delight, 'You like my taste', I said as I climbed onto a plastic chair, turned and bared my ass and pussy to him before planking it down on the glass surface, 'Might be smudged as I am wet', I said, and he cam across to me and lifted my thigh high enough to place my ID card under it, then he reached up my thighs to my bum and pulled my cheeks open, 'We need to show just how wet you are', and at that pressed the button.


mature qrystofer 2018-04-14

brinson began to run her hands over her legs from upper thigh to her knees. with both hands began to raise her dress and stopped when the hem was half way up her thick thighs. brinson." " james nows not the time to be so formal you may call me teresa for now," teresa scooted her ass further forward on her desk and with her legs spread wide began to run both her hands up and down the tops of her thighs. "i take it this is your first time seeing a woman's body up close james.?" teresa asked, her voice now huskier. "go ahead james look at all the leg and pussy you want.

Fun with my mom accidentally.

mature onlyfun123 2018-04-11

I saw my mom was lying on the floor and asked her what happened, she replied “farsh par paani pada tha , maine dekha nahin aur gir gayee", I asked her "Kahi chot to nahin lagee” she said "Pair main bahut dard ho raha hai" so I advised "Haldi wala doodh pee lo" but she denied saying "Nahin, uski zaroorat nahin. She tried to get up on her own but she fell down again and said “mujhse chala nahin jaa raha, mujhe bas mere bedroom tak chod aa" and I picked her up and helped her to get through bedroom and asked if I could help in some way, she said “Thode pair daba de, bahut dard kar rahe hai.” So I started massaging her legs from toe to thigh she felt some relief.


mature 2018-03-24

I had pulled my hand away when she came and glanced at my Dad. Now, I slipped my left hand back between her legs, pushed it right up and cupped her pussy, possessively. A few minutes later, while she was engrossed, I gently pulled her feet apart a little, pushed mine between and spread her legs wide, affording me a open view under her skirt. Looking down at her I said, "I'm going to fuck you again tomorrow, before Dad goes to work and again when I get home from school so don't wear any panties." I left her there and went upstairs to bed.


mature Unduplicated1 2018-02-27

Meeting a former friend of my late husband, who later became my Ass Master rocked my world and introduced me to heights of passion I had never ever known. I knew then and there that he wanted me as much as I wanted him, and we didn't waste much time going from the living room into the bedroom where we had the most fantastic sex I had ever had. My late husband didn't know how to give oral sex. His ex-wife was a masochist, and my late husband believed that giving a woman oral sex involved biting her clitoris. He tried this on me a few times, and I concluded I just didn't like oral sex. I wanted a man with a cock like his, velvety in texture, with dark hair around it and hard as a rock.


mature MIKE31LARRY 2018-02-26

This is the night I will release my sexual desire to you , Naked with your hands and mouth all over me. THE fire of your kiss is what burning MY heart of desire, Feeling our naked bodIES rubbing against each OTHER , Making love to you, maKES my heartS contend , Release all the passion you hold inside. And quietness between your breasts , To look up and die as you let out a sigh , My right hand gently slides up your neck , The moaning of our pleasure would be our only sound You have a taste I can't resist ,I am balanced between love and happiness , Feeling your warm soft breath on my neck

Nanu277 Inspired this :)

mature justahick 2018-02-07

I see myself leaning in, my warm breath on your thighs, teasing before I let the tip of my tongue contact your outer swollen lip. After I return the bottle my hand grips the firm cock and I start stroking slowly covering my cock as if it were our juices from the tip to my tight balls. Your tongue rides along the underside of my shaft applying pressure so the experience feels like I am in your tight pussy. The new length and thickness causing your gag reflexes to want off, your hands go to my thighs and press, pushing your self away I release the pressure letting you come up the shaft and catch your breath once my cock is free from your mouth.

New Movie- Short but sweet

mature Lance1ot 2018-01-30

Her date followed her movements with his own and soon was massaging her thigh sendng little electric jolts straight to her clit, his hand slid deeper and found her wetness and she felt herself open around him as he pushed with a finger and entered her. The sudden pressure caused her to gasp and she bit his shoulder to stop herself crying out as he gently moved his hand using his thumb to stimulate her clit and his finger to massage her inside, her juices started to flow as she moved her hips against his hand grinding her pubic bone into his hand and as his little finger circled the rim of her ass and explored further, waves of pleasure washed over her until suddenly, she clamped her thighs hard on his hand as an orgasm broke quite unexpectantly.

Life'a a beach!

mature pangolin2 2018-01-26

Janet's nipples distorted, flattened under that eager pressure, his hard thumbs dragging her teats until they escaped, the rubbery stalks flicking erect in the shade of her heaving chest.He was having to lean his hips against her bum now; she had to thrust back on straightened arms or they'd both be collapsing onto the towel.He took some of his weight on her back, arching himself over her as his arms hung free to play with her breasts.His eager caresses explored every inch of her, squeezing, pulling, releasing , his hands crossing back and forth between those sexy shapes.

My Mature Curvy Fantasy

mature Oedipaljunkie 2018-01-07

The culmination of my fantasy was her sitting on my erect penis facing me, with her grey tight skirt around her waist displaying her light tan stockings and white suspenders and her thick thighs, her breasts were naked as her bra had been discarded earlier, and they hung down swaying as she moved. Yvonne reached down to her vulva through the mass of mixed grey and dark hair and gently opened her pussy lips to reveal a bl**d red sopping wet interior. I could see her bl**d red vagina gaping open, her clit, all hard and scarlet, her pubic hair, her soft ample belly and midriff and those beautiful pear shaped hanging tits and nipples.

Grandmother and Granddaughter

mature YourDaughter 2017-12-31

I got this tingling feeling down there and started grinding on her thigh. I became more and more excited and just grabbed her breasts, squeezing them, moving faster, moaning now like my grandma. Her hand was moving between her thighs again, she was feeling herself again, moaning with lust. So I got on top of grandma and started grinding and squeezing her breasts like I did the day before, collapsing on top of her when I climaxed. “Grandma needs to come too” she said and gently pushed my head between her legs. Then she guided my head towards her clitoris and I licked and sucked it like her nipple. “Suck it harder now” she moaned as I could feel her convulsions coming, shaking her whole body.

An Older Woman - A young man lusts for an older wo

mature leroi7777 2017-12-29

Her daily routine became almost a study course for me and I was fascinated with her body, the soft movements within the light cotton fabric of her clothes, the ample swell of her breasts and the tantalising glimpses of bare breast as she leant over. She was aroused to a frantic state and pulled me to a corner thick with soft packing material and in moments my face was between her thighs, I had no time to recover from my orgasm, my legs still feeling weak as I lay down and sucked her pussy lips together squeezing her hard clitoris. Her juices flowed as she broke, her body convulsed and her thighs clamped my head as she wailed her orgasm, echoing in the empty warehouse.


mature 2017-12-15

" Paul...dont...please dont do this...your", I started to struggle and plead but my voice got lost as I felt his hardness enter me slowly and gently, the heat of his penis making the inner flesh of my pussy grip his rigidity more tightly, my body's lust no longer willing to be denied as he roughly pulled my night dress off, completely exposing my nakedness, my white soft flesh shimmering in the low light, my son's hard penis now slowly and completely filling me down below between my thighs as I sighed and finally surrendered willingly to the drowning sensation of the illicit lust my son had for my body and now my own forbidden i****tuous desire for him.

Things do happen !

mature boarage2002 2017-12-12

Janet's nipples distorted, flattened under that eager pressure, his hard thumbs dragging her teats until they escaped, the rubbery stalks flicking erect in the shade of her heaving chest.He was having to lean his hips against her bum now; she had to thrust back on straightened arms or they'd both be collapsing onto the towel.He took some of his weight on her back, arching himself over her as his arms hung free to play with her breasts.His eager caresses explored every inch of her, squeezing, pulling, releasing , his hands crossing back and forth between those sexy shapes.

" Seeing What I Could See"

mature thighfan 2017-12-05

I saw her midriff now almost covered in breasts, her navel with a small ridge developing just above the waistline, the recently appearing soft belly looking as though it was standing guard over that wonderous growth of light brown pubic hair (the older boys told us it would always be black)…and those grand legs I was such a fan of, those big soft thighs had a little rippling due to what we would later call cellulite and a small smattering of faint spider veins, both of which make the view so much more unique.

The Hotel Rep

mature maturemancock 2017-12-05

When we reached her room she invited me inside, I walked in and she sat on the bed and asked me to sit next to her, I did and she placed her hand on the inside of my thigh and leaned in to kiss me, very soon we were snogging, I pushed her jacket off her shoulders as I kissed her neck, she said “It’s been a long time”, I could tell she was gagging for it. As I fucked her slowly then speeded up and then went slow again she tried to f***e me to go faster, after a few minutes I pulled out and she said “I’ll go on top”, I laid down on the bed and she heaved her 20 stone on top of me, bouncing up and down on my hard stick as her tits swung in my face, soon she shouted “I’m coming” as she bounced on me.