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Youth becomes man with older woman

mature Slickstick 2018-11-30

That night I lay awake hoping for another glimpse of Aunt Vi’s breasts but she readied for bed in the bathroom and came into the bedroom with her dressing gown on. My penis rubbed slightly against the silky feel of her night dress and I realized it was poking out through the fly opening of my pyjama pants. Aunt Vi stirred and moved her leg firmly down the bed as she awoke, giving my penis a good long rub from her thigh. I moved gently again, and revelled in the feel of my penis head rubbing into the warm softness of her behind wrapped in her silky nightdress. As soon as I did, I felt Aunt Vi’s hand close over mine, then push it away and close her fingers around my stiff cock.

Texas Sweet

mature CommunicationDirectr 2018-11-27

“We need to spend some time together,” Janice quickly said and I reached in my jacket pocket and handed her one of my business cards. Janice continued to bite down on her lower lip, as she placed her hands on her bed behind her. Janice still bit down on her lower lip and pushed her hair back over her left shoulder. “You don’t find me attractive?”  “Yes,” Janice replied, nervously pushing her blonde hair back and over her shoulder. Janice closed her eyes and bit down on her lower lip as I inserted a lone finger into her pussy. We dressed and as I reached the front door, she tip-toed and placed a light kiss on my cheek. “You are cool,” Janice said, adding “I like that.”


In the Car

mature harbour 2018-11-24

In the scenario Jane had written in her diary, he had told her what an attractive young woman she was becoming, and as this was the truth he thought that the best way to start would be to use those exact words. Her body went rigid at the thought that she was actually wetting herself at this of all moments, but John’s fingers stroking the side of her face pulled her back into the bliss of the present and all else was forgotten. It felt better than she ever imagined anything could feel, and the way John was breathing and moving his tongue against hers told her that he was enjoying it as much as she was, which only made it sweeter.

Tutoring Christy

mature Kim 2018-11-17

Chad would make his foreskin rub over his head, before he would push his hips up or yank his hand back down. At the same time, Christy sucked his semi hard cock into her warm mouth. With his body rigid from pleasure and nerves, Chad's hands hovered at her head. Chad was in heaven, and when he felt his dick push past the hard part of her upper mouth and sink into her soft, wet, and warm throat, he groaned deeply and cupped her head. Christy sucked his cock into her mouth, pushing her way down until her lips brushed his pubic hair. Chad felt her pussy tighten and get wet enough to drip out of her and soak his hips.

Handy Man

mature Bob_6 2018-11-10

He came up, and I grabbed his face with both hands, looked him in the eyes and said, “I think I’m falling in love with you, dear boy.” I smiled, no, I grinned, and felt the most satisfied glow within and said, “I know you may think this is not right, but let me tell you, you will be oh so happy, unbelievably happy to be a man who has his cock in a pussy, in a tight pussy. He kissed me and said, “I’m happy it was you, Lou. If it’s oka,y I’d like to fuck you again please,” then sank his head into my chest.

Best decision I made

mature Poison_Ivy91 2018-11-09

As we got to my car Dan pulled me back to him, holding me close he gazed into my eyes as I looked up at him lovingly, he leaned down and kissed me so gently it felt like a dream. Dan got in the taxi, kissed my cheek, placed his hand on my thigh, and whispered to me, I saw the driver looking in the mirror at us; I bit my tongue and just rolled my eyes at him. We sat in bed together eating breakfast and talked about what we should do in the days to come, we planned to go to the castle today after we go to my house to pick up clothes and some of my things, then Dan said he would like to take me shopping for some nice underwear for me to wear for him.


mature silverdragon 2018-11-05

I had hardly finished my sentence when she rushed at me, pressed her young body tight against mine, brought both hands behind my head, and proceeded to give me a mind-blowing, wet, tongue lashing kiss. I took her in my arms and kissed her, running my right hand over her back while my left on her ass cheek pulled her close to me. She had such a delightful body that I could not stay away too long, This time I started just below her tits and rained small kisses on her belly, venturing just once to her navel, letting my tongue say hello to it.

Hot for Teacher

mature Christie 2018-10-30

The day came that I was late with a book report and Mr. Wilson suggested that I drop it by his house after school and he'd consider it as turned in on time. "You know, you don't look quite so threatening now, Christie." He reached to me and I took his hand. It felt a little strange to be in just a robe with Mr. Wilson but I decided to be a big girl and deal with it. I looked at Mr. Wilson and said, "If you want to play, then let's play." He pulled me off the desk and I surrendered as he took the robe off and let it slip to the floor.

Losing my virginity to a MILF.

mature MIKEBBCBULL 2018-06-08

After graduating college I got a job and moved to a new town. I explained to her that I was a virgin and that I was eager to have sex for the first time. I drove over to her place and she lived in a small single story building. As we both sat on the bed, she said, "Are you sure you want to do this?" I replied, "of course!" My cock was so hard that it was uncomfortably pressing against my jeans. Without thinking about it, I said, "I want you to suck my cock". Luckily she was a good coach and gave me verbal instructions. After she got my cock hard, she grabbed a condom and slid it on my cock.


mature 2018-05-18

Once again the porn videos came to the aid to my inexperienced fingeres and knew that a woman had something called the clitoris that when rubbed it became hard like a tiny penis and gave her great pleasure. When I started rubbing that particular spot Christine's body suddenly arched from up off of the car seat. I was having some sort of out of body experience because I felt as if a had detached spirit from flesh and I was observing this stanger about to fuck Christine. She was intentionally prolonging total penentration, allowing a fraction of an inch at a time until at last I felt the base of my cock press against her body.

The Virgin Hunter

mature Nemesis84 2018-02-17

His cock, feeling the pleasure of being inside a woman for the first time, throbbed more and grew almost painfully hard as Emma ground her hips and moved herself up and down on his crotch, her wet pussy covering his cock like a glove, the lips sliding up and down the shaft and the walls inside stretching to accommodate the intruder. Emma moaned and gasped as she moved her hips a little faster, her hand still working on her clit, pulling the little nub and rubbing it, shockwaves of pleasure making her pussy clench tighter on Brian’s cock as she neared an orgasm.

Andrew's first time

mature ampmfun 2018-01-31

"Mom," I started,” I just want you to know that your bathrobe looks very nice. She clearly shaved her legs and some of the sides of it off, but underneath that bush was what I wanted most in this world, My mom"s tight-from-neglect pussy. I don"t exactly know what came over me at that exact second, but I felt a newfound sense of courage as I began to kiss her neck, tits, stomach, and worked all the way down to her throbbing clit. I must have done better than I had thought because the next thing I remember was being grabbed by the shoulders and pulled on top of mom"s naked and waiting body.

Smokin' Aces

mature adel5000 2017-12-05

After a couple of hours of milling around and mingling, I found myself in the corner of the living room with two girls I knew, Jane and Emily. We got there and, sure enough, Emily had a large collection of pictures of men which she had obviously spent a lot of time on. Not so long before this incident, actually, she had gone home with one of my good (virgin) friends and there was still a bit of a question mark over what had actually happened (it transpired that they actually did watch a movie and it never really went anywhere). Her kisses never lost intensity and I was feeling sexy in the knowledge that she wanted me like no woman had before.