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A large collection of sex stories about older men, milfs and younger partners.

Addiction Chapter One

mature jack1107 2018-06-27

After the last dance Kay hugged and kissed Paul on the cheek and said, "That was wonderful, I haven't had so much fun for years.” They got home and had a super forty-five-minute session with Kay giving Paul a lovely titty fuck in foreplay. Donya and Paul worked on Ann, and she came thirty minutes later. When they got to the house, Paul messaged Ann and Kay saying they would eat in the French restaurant close to Kay’s house and he and  Donya would be there for Champagne at six.  Kay replied, “It would be great if you did Bunty, Mags and me together with Donya and Ann helping out in case you needed to cum inside Donya.

Say Ahhhhhhhh

mature PAMtnMan 2018-06-27

I had an appointment in 3 weeks to have a new crown put in, and that would be the perfect time to find out if I was right about Pam. I devised a plan to have my cell phone on and pointed towards the chair as she worked on me. It seemed in slow motion as I watched my hard cock part her wet pussy lips and slide inside of her. Pam only slid my cock about half way inside her pussy and then drew it back out to its tip. I don’t know how I was feeling in the video, but I was ready to come just from watching her ride my cock.

Sticky Afternoon

mature rdodger 2018-06-27

     Karl looked at her foot, and his eyes drew a line up her calf to the point where her leg disappeared under her skirt.  He swallowed another bite of his sandwich quickly, and reached out tentatively, hoping this woman would not take offense.  He was pleased to see her close her eyes and sigh when he took her foot in his hand and start massaging it, rubbing deeply into the arch with his thumb.  After several minutes he took both hands and drew her foot up on top of his leg.  Lara leaned back a little to accommodate him, bringing her other foot onto the sofa and lifting her leg the slightest bit.  A flush came over Karl's face as he caught a glimpse of her upper thighs.  She was wearing knee-highs, and while the foot in his hand was sheathed in nylon the area beneath her skirt was bare skin.  He used his knuckles on her sole, and separated each toe in turn as he rubbed her foot.  She sighed again, and stretched her leg out so that her foot was comfortably nestled in his lap.  Too comfortably, perhaps, as Karl felt the stirrings of a desire he hadn't felt in some time.  He extended his reach to rub her calf as well, reveling in the feel of her musculature under his hands.

My daughter's sex buddy

mature kornslayer1 2018-06-27

I opened the door just a little bit and I saw John laying down on his back, as Courtney was giving him head. I looked back at John, and he seemed to be loving his blow job, but Courtney still seemed like she rather be in a dentists chair, getting a crown put in. "Oh yeah Courtney, suck that cock and make me cum a river for you," John said. "Do you like having sex with my daughter, John?" I asked. "Fuck, Mrs. Stone, I'm gonna cum," John said. "Did you like the way I sucked on your big and juicy cock, John?" I whispered in his ear.

Trip to San Diego

mature emersonbosworth 2018-06-27

She had her arms around him rubbing his back and kissing him. A few minutes went by and I looked again. His shorts were off. All he had on was a t-shirt, and she was playing with his cock. One afternoon while his wife was sitting on the patio reading a book he came in. He started playing with Maggie. It didn't take him long to get her hot enough that she pulled his cock out of his pants and started giving him a blow job while his wife was about twenty feet away. It was sure nice to have a good-looking woman who loved to fuck and suck, and was willing to share her pussy with your best friend.

Pool game

mature Anitaslut44 2018-06-27

I gasped, and struggled to pull away, but his hand that had previously been on my thigh was now holding tight to my hip, keeping me in place. He pounded my desperate cunt for a long time, and when I looked around, I noticed that everyone in the bar was watching us and gathering closer. Once again, he pushed me forward onto the bar, but this time he told me to reach back and pull my ass cheeks apart. "The fucking bitch is all yours now, guys!" I gasped as I was grabbed by several hands as they lifted me and carried me to the pool table, ripping my clothes off of my already abused and still horny body.

My Education Gets Advanced

mature Etonmess69 2018-06-27

Suzie continued to move her hands over her own body and began to play with her pussy. Diane got on top of Suzie and started to kiss and lick her way down her body. Slowly Diane approached Suzie's pussy. Suzie took hold of my cock and pulled it to her mouth. Her lips wrapped round my cock and I started to fuck her mouth. She held my cock and moved it up to Diane's pussy. Diane was starting to sob and moan and I felt a familiar feeling, Diane's pussy muscles gripped my cock and she came again and again, her whole body shuddering. Diane started to wriggle and she tried to move out of the way, but Suzie held her firm and nodded at me.

Blackmailing of a Cheating Mother

mature bava12 2018-06-27

Seeing his mother enjoying herself with his uncle, Ramesh quickly went to his room and grabbed his zoom camera. As his mother is going to her room for a shower, Ramesh interrupted her and said, "Mom, sit down, I want to show you something." Gayathri was surprised and sat beside his son curiously. He felt like he is closing the circle of relationship between him and his mother....she got fucked by dad; got pregnant by him(as far as he knows!); He grew up inside her for nine months; came out of her cunt when he is mature enough to come to this world. When they were done Ramesh collapsed on Gayathri's naked body bonding the mother-son union, finally.

Addiction: Chapter Two

mature jack1107 2018-06-27

Five minutes later his phone rang; it was Val. She said, “One of the partners here has been fleecing Donya for years. Donya then said, “I would like to have a word with Mags and Val this evening to make sure everything is in place for Monday. Donya asked if they should go now, but Val said to wait for Mags as she might want something.  Val and Mags started unpacking the boxes, while Paul and Donya went into the lounge. Bunty and Donya packed the dishwasher, and they went into the lounge where Val and Mags got comfortable. Donya replied, “I honestly don't know; several years ago I asked about the quality and was told it was the best value for money to buy from the airline caterers.

Gazebos and Vermouth - Part 5

mature Adagio 2018-06-27

Three months had passed since Evelyn had fixed my cock up, down if you counted the direction it pointed. Evelyn gets me that way but I knew she wanted to fix my nut-sack with more ornaments. Three months had passed since the last Cali sighting at the Beachside Motel and her note, "girls, they want to have fun also". Three months had passed since the pizza delivery guy had delivered the pizza and Whistler's Mother had been formally introduced to the now defunct old-smokey dildo. The sign on the building said, 'The Heather Curling Club'. Thats how I felt when it dawned on me that the gosh-awful sport called the curling contraption a frigging stone.


It Started Innocently

mature skiierman 2018-06-26

I took her glass, she stopped me and said, “A martini is like a woman’s breasts, one is not enough, two is just right and 3 is too many.” Gently caressing her with kisses, I undid her top to finally look upon her magnificent breasts; firm, just a little bit of a drop, her 34’s were adorned with fascinating pink nipples that were now standing at attention .I figured her to be about 35 and her tits were perfectly apportioned to the rest of her body. Licking the tip of my cock, she slowly took me in her mouth and started to work down onto my shaft, up and down each time taking more of me until she had taken all of me into her mouth.

Waiting for a girl like Laura

mature writersbloxx 2018-06-26

Fifteen minutes before the show was due to start I saw a couple coming through the crowd on the dance floor scanning around for spare seats. The woman was a bit younger than me, late-forties, blond, slim, attractive but wearing a harried expression. When we came up for air she said, “those were sleeping pills I gave Harry, he’s not going to know anything.’’ “Not just yet George, I want you to take some pictures upstairs.’’ Laura took my hand and led me up to the bedrooms. The sight of her legs in black nylon and high heels and the way the suspender tights framed her shapely arse had me snapping all the way up. We passed the empty master bedroom and Laura opened the door to the spare bedroom where we’d dumped her husband.

An A+ Student

mature JollyBloke03 2018-06-26

He carefully slid his whole tongue inside and pushed it around before suddenly taking her clit into his mouth and biting down roughly, shoving four fingers knuckles deep into her pussy. He got up and placed his hands firmly on her ass and pressed the tip of his cock against her little slit, immediately causing a steady clear stream of cum to course down her leg. He pushed her head away and grabbed her arms, crossing them behind her back and ramming into her again and again, feeling her orgasms tighten her pussy around his thick cock. When he finally released, he didn't dare pull out, but filled her ass with his cum, which came running down her legs.

School Teachers Pt2

mature Stoneypoint 2018-06-26

The two attractive school teachers knew they had to go and do their schooling that day but for the time being, seeing as it was really early in the morning, and no one was around, Ada wanted to suggest doing something unusual. Smiling, the two breathed hard as if never having kissed as intensely before in the lives, but Ada said just before Libby almost said it “I sure wish Angus was here, don’t you?” “Ohhhhhhh my lord Angus, you feel so, I don’t know, but its soooo powerful dear,” and with that Ada stroked his cock some more. Finally she said, “Yes, I suppose she does, but dear,” and Ada kissed his lips as she again stroked his limp cock, “so do I.”

Assistant Manager's Decision

mature Stoneypoint 2018-06-26

“That’s a nice looking dress, Mary Beth,” he said. They looked at each other, lust growing in his eyes, and as it did she realized how she felt about having sex with a man she didn’t even know. It felt incredible he told himself as her tongue soon entered his mouth too. And it felt good too, he thought as she pressed her body against his and moved her leg down into his groin so to arouse him like never before in his life. So he went in and remained inside her as he looked at her and he worked passionately as he fucked her the way a woman wants to be fucked.

An Affair to Remember

mature ravi 2018-06-26

I alternated sucking hard and deep and pressing firmly with my tongue on the tip of her clitoris with backing off and blowing down the clitoral shaft, gently massaging her anus, and reaching up with my left hand to feel her breast. Sony inspected it for few minutes and then kissed, said softly, “It is really a big one to love.” She softly ran her hand from the head of his cock down to my sack, caressing the soft flesh before pulling gently back towards the head. She could know my intention and readily crawled on top of the bed on all fours and said with a lustful tone "Take me here on the bed now." With that invitation I relished her sexy fucking ass and wasted no time in thrusting my hard cock into her pussy and slouching on top of her from behind.


Annie's Surprise

mature thirdislander 2018-06-26

But this morning, I found myself very hard, and my hand found its way to , my penis, and I started stroking, imagining her yesterday, when I had seen her at night in her dressing gown, her nipples poking up against the fabric. "You should have asked me for help." She kissed me, more deeply than before and then whispered in my ear, "And of course I heard you, silly." She then leaned backwards, hiked up her dress, and I got my first glimpse of her pussy, and its nice little thatch of blond pubic hair.

A Polaroid of Kristina, Part 7 (the date)

mature oceanrunner 2018-06-26

I knew it didn’t make a whole lot of sense, and I had masturbated the night before without her, but uncharacteristic as it might have seemed for a horny teenager, I resolved not to cum until I saw Kristina the next day. As the waitress turned to me, Kristina increased the pace of her “massage.” Above the table level, everything looked normal, but I was having a hard time maintaining my composure. Soon, however, she took me as deep as she could, and I felt the head of my cock press against the back of her mouth, making her gag a tiny bit.


mature OldGeezer 2018-06-26

Each time she reached my root, she would squeeze me hard with her inner muscles, and I would pinch her nipple, and so we fucked harder and harder, until I then sat up, gripping her bum cheeks as we moved against each other, and as we kissed again, still fucking, our hips moving in unison, the tip of my finger pressed into her asshole, and then as it broke in, she suddenly went rigid. We stayed joined like that for a long time, just holding each other, stroking and kissing, as my cock slowly softened, and eventually slipped out.

Gloria's Diary Entry (date) 05-20-2006

mature Gloria4U 2018-06-26

I had sucked my brother's cum out of Janet's pussy earlier and thought about tasting Steve's cum as it dribbled out of his daughter. I said my good nights to Janet and got in Steve's big truck. His question made me remember my brother George telling Janet that he would like to see us make out together. When his tongue finally withdrew a little from my mouth, I pushed closer to him, not wanting to break our kiss. I thought he was joking as I looked at Steve's cock laying there like a piece of cooked meat. I remembered Janet saying she didn't want to be with me, though she liked my tongue buried inside her pussy.

The Amateur Camera Man

mature anubis63 2018-06-26

Scott pulled Holly's head forward, eager to push his large cock into her mouth but Holly remained in control and slipped out her tongue, run it around his helmet and up over the top, taking off another piece of pre-cum in the process, all the time she stroked his hard shaft and caressed his sack. I continued to film Holly sliding her red lips up and down Scott’s long shaft, occasionally letting it slip right out of her mouth so she could lick around his helmet before he dragged her head forward, forcing his hard cock back down her throat to the base.


mature marcosurbina 2018-06-26

Well, I no longer was a tight – assed woman, and didn’t resist this man spreading my legs wide, sat comfortably between my pussy and began to poke inside me, slowly, at the beginning, but smoothly, looking for easy way in, having some difficulties  -ten years without sexual intercourse, I said before. Michael didn't pause at thrusting my vagina, but what aroused me a lot more was his licking my fee, bringing me to the most savage orgasm, even better than the ones before with him.  My moans had become into laud screams uttered by the desperate mouth as Michael suddenly began to wriggle and shake cuming into me.   He finally took his penis out and asked to wipe it clean with my tongue.

Watching Anita again and again

mature Anitaslut44 2018-06-26

He just moved his hips up and I could see my sweet wife jumping forward, feeling that massive black serpent invading her cunt in just one stroke. Ana cried in surprise and pain, but soon she started moving back to meet that huge massive black dick. Then I knew where had been my sweet Ana during the last hour; it was obvious to me that those black dicks had been in my sweet wife`s lips during a long while before… After Ana had a shuddering leg shaking orgasm all over that his massive black dick, she begged him to stop for a minute. Then she let Jimmy Boy fuck her missionary into a loud screaming nuts blasting into her sweet wet and hot pussy.

Mom's Best Friend

mature wannaswing 2018-06-26

I was visiting Alexandria, and my mom wanted me to pick a friend of hers, Maurine, to come with me in the car getting back to Cairo by the weekend. She asked me to open the bottle I got, while she went into the kitchen to get some hors-d’oevres to eat with the wine. I kept doing this till her sighs converted to moans then screams & all of a sudden a gush of her love fluids started flowing over my tongue. I got deep into her mature pussy, which was by then having fully inflated labia surrounding her love hole. Cumming inside a woman’s pussy was a great fantasy to me, which was coming true now. She enjoyed very much the feeling of my warm cum flowing deep into her pussy.