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With a smile, Sarah clicked through the contact ads. She wasn‘t looking for a partner, but she found it interesting from time to see what other people with similar inclinations sought:
Teacher is looking for female student
Female student is looking for teacher
Father is looking for ageplay daughter
Daughter is looking for ageplay father
Long-time teacher offers punishment for money
Rubenesque lady punishes naughty boys
Sarah found most contact ads unerotic, nevertheless she found it interesting to see all sorts of inclinations advertised.
Sarah had a boyfriend named Ben, she had confessed to him a few months ago that she liked spanking and her confession brought new momentum to their relationship. He had fantasies similar to her, through role-playing, they committed to putting their fantasies into action. Sometimes she was the naughty schoolgirl sentenced to detention and sometimes Ben was the naughty student who had been caught smoking. It was exciting for both of them. However, something was missing they were too inhibited to hurt each other properly. In Sarah's imagination, however, the pain was the biggest draw and she believed Ben felt similarly. After some typical contact ads, she noticed the following contact ad:
Hello, I'm 32 years old. I am neither an Educator nor a Dominatrix, but just dominant. I want to fulfill your wishes as long as you agree with mine. I like spanking, love to punish, to inflict pain, to watch you suffer, but only in a role-play scenario, in real life I don't want to dictate to anyone.
From tender to hard, many things are possible. Beginners are just as welcome to me as the experienced. Whether male or female does not matter. I don't charge money, I just have to feel that it fits. If I have sparked your interest, then send me your wish scenario and some info about you. You're also welcome to take a look at my homepage. There you will find reports and photos.
Sweet painful greetings.

Sarah's interest was aroused. Curious, she clicked on the home page of Sweetpain where she found several ( factual ) reports from women, men and couples which seemed very authentic:
“Sweetpain made my imagined scene come true.”
“Sweetpain helped me give my friend the deserved punishment. Fortunately, he is still as naughty as before.”
“She spends a lot of time with you and tries to get to know one personally.”
There were also pictures to see in three galleries, an F/F gallery, an F/M gallery and a FF/M gallery. In no photo were the faces recognizable, but in some photos, Sweetpain had several colored tattoos on her upper arms.
Only a few minutes ago Sarah wasn’t going to respond to any ad at all, but now she thought she would have to talk to Ben.
A few days later, Ben and Sarah sat together on Sarah's couch. Despite their relationship, both lived in separate apartments. They spent a lot of time together and both had a key to the partner's apartment. Thus they were there for each other without annoying each other. Sarah tapped something on the keyboard of her laptop, her fingers racing over the keys. After she finished typing, she showed Ben the email so he could read it:
Hi Sweetpain,
We are Ben & Sarah, and we have seen your ad, on the Internet and have visited your website. This is the first time we have responded to a contact ad so we are unsure what to write.
We liked your homepage, the reviews have made us curious. We like to switch and we are still pretty inexperienced. Unfortunately have problems causing pain to each other. But in our in our minds, this mixture of pain and desire is exactly what we are looking for. As a scenario, we propose the following:
We have to go to the director, because we were after the break in the schoolyard smooching. We have already been in trouble for skipping classes, barely listening in class and not turning up for detention, and were on our last chance.
Hope that's enough as a scenario, we have a penchant for school scenarios, even though we were good students in the real world. We are a bit insecure and nervous about approaching you, but would still like to hear from you.
Best regards
Ben and Sarah

After Ben read the email, Sarah sent it off.
On a rainy Saturday, two weeks later, Ben and Sarah sat in the car. They were on their way to Sweetpain, both were very nervous and didn't talk much. The stormy rain, which dripped on the car window, additionally caused a depressed mood.
Sweetpain had responded to the email after two days. An F/FM session was new territory for her too, but she was interested and believed that she could implement the scenario well. She would give them a heady surprise of pain and pleasure. Then there was a telephone conversation with all three.
Sweetpain had a friendly, feminine voice, it was nice to talk to her. Ben and Sarah lose their inhibitions pretty quickly. They talked to her about spanking and their wishes, as if it were completely natural and not at all embarrassing. She suggested Ben and Sarah visit her. “We'll just see if it fits, drink a beer together and then decide if it comes to a session or not."
At last Sarah parked the car in front of the secluded house. Due to the wet roads they were ten minutes late for their appointment. Nervously, Ben rang the doorbell. With a sinister sarcastic smile, a handsome black-haired woman with a black short top and several colored tattoos on her arms, opened the door.
"You're too late, that's an entry in the punishment book," she said with a stern voice, but then began to laugh heartily. Ben and Sarah joined the laughter with relief. For a brief moment they were scared but now they realized it was just fun.
“Nah, was just a joke. We are not yet into our little roleplaying game. I’m Jana, so call me that in real life,” she said and winked at them.
Jana invited them in and led her into the living room.
"What do you want to drink, coffee, beer or something stronger?"
They both decided on a beer, Jana took three beers out of the fridge and sat down next to them. It came to small talk, they talked about the stressful car ride in bad weather.
Jana nodded sympathetically, "yeah, the weather is really crappy today.”
"How long have you been doing this?" asked Ben.
“Spanking or the personals?”
“It started as a teenager. I always liked to measure myself against boys in sports. I was good at football and table tennis, I defeated many big strong boys with big mouths, the anger and disappointment in their faces somehow gave me something, but I didn't have any spanking fantasies back then. Later, I tried so softer stuff with my partners, handcuffs and candle wax, I was the dominant player in such games. I just liked it better. In an internet portal for erotic stories, I then discovered a story in which a woman spanked a man. The story wasn't very good, but made me clear in what I wanted. I educated myself on the internet. My mind was totally overcrowded with stupid, dominant fantasies. It took awhile, but eventually I confided in my husband. He liked my fantasies and became my first experimental object. I'm really lucky with him. However, at some point I wanted more, I was tempted to dominate others as well. That's why I eventually created a contact ad and opened the website.”
“Doesn't your husband have any problems with you dominating others, or is he totally subordinate to you?” asked Sarah.
“No, luckily only when spanking. In the beginning it was really hard for him to accept the whole thing. In the meantime he has come to terms with it. When people come more often, he also sometimes watches and takes pictures that you can see on my website.”
“Wow, nice that he sees the whole thing and is now more relaxed about it. But today he won't just turn up and take pictures?”
“No, don`t worry. He does that only when it is wanted, otherwise he is very tolerant and leaves the house. Moreover, it is not yet clear whether this will come to a session or not.
One thing I want to tell you, then you may decide if you want me to be your strict director. There are actually only two rules: During the session I‘m in charge. Although during the session, you can influence the session through your behaviour. Through contradiction or disobedience you can show me that you want more, otherwise you must behave quieter. I will not make it easier or harder because you say so, and I will determine which instruments are used.
You always have the opportunity to end the session. Simply call "demolition",then I will stop. Then the session will be finished for the day. I won't throw you out would be and we can talk about it, but there will be no second attempt that day.”
“Has anyone ever finished the session early?” inquired Ben.
“Yes, luckily so far it has only happened once. Fortunately, the second attempt, to that came a few weeks later, was better and not the last. Sarah and Ben nodded. “Fuck, we are pretty nervous but we we trust you, can we start?”
“I'm also a bit nervous, is always different with new people and I have not had an F/FM session before, we can handle it. I really want to do something good for you. Okay, I'm going to my study on the first floor, the first door on the right. Drink some more beer and come up when you're ready,” she hugged Ben and Sarah, then she went upstairs.
"Come in," called Sweetpain in a deep stern voice.
Ben and Sarah entered the office. It was a big bald office, Sweetpain was sitting in front of a wooden desk, on the other side there were two chairs for Ben and Sarah.
"You know why you are here?" She asked after the two had taken their seats, her voice sounded a little lower, a little less feminine.
"Nope, I don't know,” Sarah answered curtly.
"Well, then I will tell you, Mr. … uh ... Müller told me that you came 10 minutes late for the biology lesson, you were seen kissing in the schoolyard. In addition, you have recently played truant from several lessons and you have not appeared in detention. Do you have something to say about that?”
“We're sorry, we are just in love and we screwed up. We will try to improve," promised Ben.

That's a start, but you still deserve a penalty for your behavior, you have not turned up to detention, therefore I have to resort to tougher penalties.”
Sweetpain got up, took her chair, and put it, in the middle of the room.
“Sarah come here!”
"But Mrs. Director…”
“No, if you don’t want to make it worse, come here now and lie down over my knee.”
Sarah wondered if she should resist, but decided against it, she didn't want to challenge Sweetpain immediately. She approached Sweetpain and lay down over her knee, it felt gentle for her to lie over a woman's knee. But the first blows were anything but gentle. Sweetpain smacked her hard on the buttocks, left and right. Although Sarah was still wearing her pants, she felt the pain, she groaned and fidgeted a bit. Ben had turned his chair around and was watching It wasn‘t unusual. He has never seen someone else spanking Sarah, he liked it and turned him on.
Sweetpain looked up and smiled, “it’s your turn soon, Ben!”
Then she told Sarah to get up and pull down her pants and panties. Sarah obeyed, red faced with shame, also her butt had a slight redness despite the protective pants. After she was over Sweetpain’s knee there followed the next strong blows. Sweetpain took short breaks and gently stroked Sarah's buttocks. Despite the breaks, the beating became more and more unpleasant. Instinctively Sarah tried to protect her butt with her hand but Sweetpain grabbed her hand and squeezed it against her back, with the other hand, she continued to beat.
“Nice try, but not with me Miss.”
Sarah got a few big blows, then she was allowed to get up.
“Stand in the corner, face to the wall, hands behind the head. You don‘t rub your buttocks, you don‘t turn round and the pants stay where they are. Do you understand?”
She nodded, although she was disappointed that she wasn't allowed to watch her boyfriend being punished. Nevertheless, she initially decided to obey, for the moment she had had enough, so she slipped into the corner with her pants and panties down. Sarah heard Ben being ordered to position himself over Sweetpain's knee. First spanking noises were heard, although Sarah was more concerned with the pain, she couldn't help it, she had to risk it. She took her hands down and rubbed briefly over the bottom. After that, it did not burn that much anymore. Sarah heard Ben ordered to pull down his pants. She couldn't resist and turned around several times. Even Ben's ass was already slightly red and he wriggled and groaned.
Eventually Ben was allowed to get up.
“Sarah come here ! Didn't I tell you not to rub your butt and not turn around? You probably believed I didn’t see it, but you can't trick me, miss. You realize that such behavior cannot go unpunished?”


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